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2021 Annual Education Results Report WCS

Category: Plans
Uploaded on October 14 2021

2021-2024 Education Plan, Year 2

Category: Plans
Uploaded on June 6 2022

2021-2024 WCS 3 Year Education Plan

Category: Plans
Uploaded on May 18 2021

2023 Annual Education Results Report Worsley

Category: Plans
Uploaded on February 2 2023

Creating A Sustainable Agriculture Program for Worsley Central School

Category: Plans

Worsley Central School is committed to creating a sustainable agriculture program that will provide students with the knowledge and skills to become responsible stewards of the environment, independent adults, and potentially choose a career in an agriculture-related field. The concept of “sustainable” is two-fold in this context: students will learn about sustainable farming techniques and the program itself will eventually become self-sustaining. The program goals and objectives provide a framework for the school to achieve this goal.

Uploaded on September 26 2023

PRSD 2021/2022 School Calendar

Category: School Year Calendars
Uploaded on May 3 2021

Student Chromebook Purchasing Program

Category: Student Chromebook Purchasing Offer

The Peace River School Division is proud to partner with BCOM Computers to provide quality Chromebooks designed for our K-12 environment. Preferred discounts are available to the students enrolled within our programs and to our staff. To help you in this process we have put together an easy to navigate website. Full details are available in this flyer.

Uploaded on September 7 2021

Virtual Education Classroom Expectations

Category: Policy
Uploaded on August 22 2022

WCS Alternate Covid Safety Plan

Category: Plans
Uploaded on October 7 2021

WCS Cell Phone Policy

Category: Policy
Uploaded on August 19 2022

WCS Graduation Policy

Category: Policy
Uploaded on April 22 2021

WCS Positive Behavior Improvement Plan 2021 2022

Category: Policy

Positive Behavior Plan 2021-2022

Uploaded on September 21 2021

WCS Student Handbook

Category: Policy
Uploaded on August 19 2022

Worsley Central School Athletics Policy

Category: Policy
Uploaded on October 30 2023